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CNC lathe machine is typically designed to utilize modern versions of carbide tooling and processes. A part can be designed for customization, and the machines tool paths are often programmed using the CAD or CAM processes. However, a programmer can manually design a part or tool path as well. The resulting coded computer file is then uploaded to the CNC machine, and the machine will then automatically produce the desired parts for which it was programmed to design

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Heavy Lathe Bed5 1/267
Center Height10"10"10"
Width of Bed13"13"13"
Spindle Bore32mm32mm32mm

After Successfull Manufacturing Of Lathe Machines We Also Started Manufacturing of CNC Lathe Machine From 2011. Yug Machine offers wide range of CNC Turning Center, CNC Machining Center (2+1 Axes), CNC Horizontal Machining Center, etc. These machines are designed in the State of Art in-house Computerized Design Department equipped with the latest Designing Soft-wares. The Machine Tool is manufactured in-house with the latest Machines right from preparing casting in foundry till final dispatch.Even many bought-out components used are outsourced from the best available in the world.

System Details

  • Hust controller ( H4P-T series )
  • Encoder ( Delta , 1024 ppr )
  • Penasonic servo motor , 750w ( Cross slide , 10,000 ppr)
  • Ball screw :- hewin ( 10mm pitch , Saddle screw )
  • Hydraulic chuck :- 200mm ( Air-tech )
  • Hydraulic power pack :- Chuck & Tail stock ( ABB Motor , Pressure indicator With calibration certificate )
  • Pannel board ( Snider switch )
  • Coolant system
  • Lubrication system ( Manual / auto as per your requirement )
  • Simple tool post / Turret ( 4 Station , 6 Station )


  • These are general specifications. We provide customized specifications as per customers requirement.