Redial Drill Machine

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Product description YMT-25RD YMT-38RD
Drill machine 25mm 38mm
Drilling capacity 25mm 40mm
Max. distance from spindle center to column 640mm 950mm
Max. distance from spindle center to Base 750mm 900mm
spindle travel  185mm 214mm
tapper in spindle MT-3 MT-4
Column dia. 130mm 165mm
No. of spindle speed 8Nos. 8Nos.
base size 925x600x120 1300x753x171
Box table size  250x200x200 290x290x375
Overall height of machine 1500mm 1930mm
approx. weight of machine 420Kg. 900Kg.
motor capacity for spindle 1HP 1.5HP
motor capacity for lifting 0.5HP 0.5HP
V belt section B-42  B-48