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WE ARE yugmachinetools

Yug Machine Tools were established in the year 1991 with an aim of high ambitions and to manufacture products with high precision and high quality. At present more than 9100+ machines are running successfully all over the India.

The company is located in highly grown industrial zone of Rajkot city which is India’s well known city for tool and machinery industry. The workshop is equipped with various precision mother machines and latest inspection and testing equipments, and having own developed hardness plant. The company is ready to undertake any challenge from design concepts to the manufacturing, erection and commissioning of any type of Machine Tools.

Yug Machine Tools have become one of the recognized firms engaged in manufacturing, trading, exporting and supplying an exclusive range of precision Lathe Machines,CNC Lathe Machines,Thread Milling Machines CNC Thread Milling Machines, that serves various industrial applications across the globe such as automobile, electronic, electrical to name a few.

Our Products

Happy Customers


Industries We Serve

We build machines that set the industry standard for precision and durability.

Lathe Machines

We're Manufacturing High Quality Lathe Machines Since 1991.

Thread Milling Machines

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Thread Milling Machines

Redial drill machines

YugMachine Tools Is One Of The Leading Redial Drill Machine Manufacturer Since Years

Piller Drill Machines

One Of The Leading Piller Drill Machine Manufacturer From Rajkot

Hacksaw Machine

One Of The Leading Hacksaw Machine Manufacturer From Rajkot

Slotting Machines

One Of The Slotting Milling Machine Manufacturer From Rajkot

CNC Lathe Machine

CNC lathe machine is typically designed to utilize modern versions of carbide tooling

Milling Machines

One Of The Milling Machine Manufacturer From Rajkot

Band Saw Machines

One Of The Band Saw Machine Manufacturer From Rajkot

Why Choose Us


  • Best Quality
  • Client Satisfaction
  • 24/7 Supports
  • 25+ Years Experience
  • Easy Contact
Contact Us

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